Quartz Cuckoo Clock


This fantastic cuckoo clock with cherry-coloured wooden case and quartz movement features “bird among leaves” roof ornamentation and a leaf-design pendulum. The cuckoo sound des not play on the hour between 10pm and 5am by default, but this 7-hour hiatus period can be adjusted by pressing a button on the case to advance by an hour at a time to for example 12am to 7am after two presses or even later if you require. Additionally, the volume is adjustable. It would make a great ornament in any home and a perfect addition to any collection. Only very minimal assembly required – simply hang the pendulum and hook the weighted chains into the case. Full instructions for assembly, use and maintenance are included. The clock runs on 3 C batteries Dimensions:22cm x 28cm x 13cm (8.7″ x 11″ x 5.1″)

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Product Description

Quartz Cuckoo Clock

quartz movement

volume is adjustable

22cm x 28cm x 13cm

batteries 3x C size



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